Chapter Zero:  “Ozymandias”

The Prelude to Rose Madder.  During the Middle Kingdom of ancient Egypt, the Pharaoh moves the priest caste into his palace.  Pharaoh’s daughter, Omorose, meets and befriends Thabit, the son of the High Priest of Amun.  Tragic actions ensue, which have repercussions in modern day America.

Chapter One:  “Is That All There Is?”

A day in the life of Rose Madder.  She is plagued by dreams that she seems helpless to resist.

Chapter Two:  “Got No Future, Got No Past, Here Today, Built To Last”

Six months earlier:  Tarpit, in California, is hired to be a live-in attendant for a quadriplegic novelist.  He discovers the personal effects of his predecessor, through which he discovers the blog of Rose Madder.

Chapter Three:  “You And I, We’ll Be Young Forever”

Rose’s mom Carol is in town for a holiday visit, but her relationship with Rose is complicated.

Chapter Four:  “Oh My My, Oh Hell Yes, Honey Put On That Party Dress”

Rose goes to the debut concert of her friend Rachel’s band The Screaming Neez, hijinks ensue.

Chapter Five:  “A Girl In Need Of A Tourniquet”

The secret origin of Rose Madder.