Rose“Rose Madder”:  Our heroine.  Temp worker and music college dropout, Rose is haunted by dreams of ancient Egypt and an unknown connection to its tragic female pharaoh.

Lucy Purr:  Rose’s intrepid cat.





TarpitDarwin “Tarpit” LaBrea:  Rose’s long-distance friend.  Tarpit has recently begun working as a live-in attendant to a quadriplegic novelist in Berkeley, California.

Tarpit has never met Rose in person.





RachelRachel Glieck:  One of Rose’s closest friends and schoolmates.  Still attending Rose’s former college.  Leader of the band The Screaming Neez.






HyHyacinth Martin:  Known as “Hy” to Rose and her friends.  Also a pal and schoolmate to Rose and a member of The Screaming Neez.






MorrisMorris Barnes:  Quadriplegic novelist who employs Tarpit as his live-in attendant.







LisaLisa MacIntosh:  Tarpit’s friend and long-suffering sidekick.







CarolCarol:  Rose’s mom, a college curator of ancient history.







SusanSusan:  Rose’s friend and would-be girlfriend to Eric.







EricEric:  Susan’s imagined boyfriend, with a slightly different agenda.







shelbyShelby Tarkington:  An assistant editor at the publishing house Rose temps for.  Rose is not a fan of hers.






MarkMark Nussbaum:  Rachel’s law student boyfriend.







KimKim:  Hy’s “secret” girlfriend;  not because Hy’s trying to hide anything, she just hasn’t gotten around to mentioning it yet.






KyleKyle:  A member of Rachel’s band The Screaming Neez, and Eric and Susan’s friend.







TabithaTabitha:  The ambitious and contentious member of The Screaming Neez;  not a fan of Rachel.







Glenn:  Rose’s dad, a writing professor, also working at the college where Carol works.