Page nine of Chapter Two.

This week marks the 52nd post and the end of the first year of Rose Madder. To those who have been here since the beginning, thanks for your support. To those who have joined in via Warren Ellis’ Whitechapel Forums, Mike Sterling’s Progressive Ruin, the old Pseudome webring for TOKYOPOP’s Rising Stars of Manga winners, or who found this site because of my occasional comments on Heidi MacDonald’s The Beat and The Savage Critics, I hope you stick around for awhile as things get interesting.

In the coming Chapter Three, we meet Rose’s long-discussed and unseen mom, and we also see some of just what a live-in attendant for a quadriplegic does for a living. As I race to finish Chapter Three, I’m already plotting out Chapter Four, which, if all goes well, is the screwball comedy party episode, and should be tons of fun to work on (and, hopefully, read).

Thanks to all of you for sticking around for the long haul. And if you do enjoy Rose Madder, please spread the word far and wide. I still need many, many readers.