Page 12 of Chapter Four.

Here’s something different.  While moving, I found a bunch of things I had squirreled away and forgotten about.  For the hell of it, here’s a draft of an academic paper I wrote in 1994–typos and margin scribbles and all, still intact–which argued for the future existence of Stephen Colbert, sort of.  Click on the thumbnails to see a larger scan of the page, or better yet, right-click on the thumbs to open them in a new tab.

















Notes for individual pages:

Pg.1:  1.  The margin scribble reads “Challenge of identity politics is to locate its voice among”  2.  Margin reads: “Theorists like Jameson, who develop their ideas from Marxist examinations of material production,”

Pg.3:  1.  Margin scribble reads: “ideological ‘purity’ is threatened, if not discredited entirely,”  2.  This paragraph refers to the events on Martin Luther King Jr. Day in 1994, when students of Oakland’s Castlemont High School were taken to a screening of the film Schindler’s List,  and the controversy that arose out of some students snarking and laughing at some of the scenes in the movie.  More details of the event and its aftermath can be found here.